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Power of Connection

private coaching

Is your networking getting the ROI you hoped for?

A great place to begin becoming the networker you always wanted to be. You’ll get practical strategies to build a strong network to meet your goals.

wing woman

private coaching

Dread the thought of going to your next event alone?

Let me accompany you as your wing woman! We’ll attend the event together then debrief to create a personalized follow-up plan.

wing woman plus

private coaching

Would you rather network with a partner?

This program is perfect for you! Identical to Wing Woman, except two people do it together to build confidence and camaraderie.

Networking Strategies

group workshop

Does your team stand out when they represent you at events?

This 3-hour interactive workshop will equip your team with the tools they need to make profitable connections for your organization.

advanced networking

group workshop

Do you want to give your team the competitive advantage?

This 3-hour interactive workshop focuses on the key personality styles your team can use to understand themselves and their clients better.

speed networking

group workshop

Want your team to learn how to connect better with other groups?

The perfect 90-minute event for teams. Cut through the org chart with a customized, facilitated Speed Networking event.


Stephanie Arnheim

Meet Stephanie

I’m Stephanie Arnheim and I’m a people person. So it may surprise you to learn that I’m also an introvert.

There came a time in my professional life when I needed to network for my own professional development, to create connections, and to raise my personal profile. I was terrified. While I scoured the library and the internet for networking tips for introverts, what I found was either not enough information or just plain didn’t work for me.

So, being both creative and determined, I figured out how an introvert can network not only comfortably but profitably. I became so comfortable networking that I became the Executive Managing Director of the Portland Oregon Chapter of eWomenNetwork, where I built membership from a few dozen to hundreds of local women entrepreneurs.

It was during my years at eWomenNetwork that I developed my business as a professional networking trainer. What started with coffee chats to give tips to friends and members of the network soon evolved into group workshops and then one-to-one coaching. Over the years I gained a reputation not only as a trainer but also as a speaker. I’ve had the good fortune to be invited to speak on networking at some of Portland’s most illustrious organizations in the business community. See below for a quick peek at my client list.

Currently I’m speaking and training at large networking events and working with clients privately. I also offer networking services for the corporate arena. Have a question or want to explore the possibilities of working together?



Make Connections.

I needed somebody to really give me the details of how to get out and connect with people.

See Immediate Results.

I love working with Stephanie. She is direct, astute and has a “no-nonsense” attitude. I have found that every conversation with Stephanie results in actionable items that are simple yet effective.

Stephanie has not only helped me develop a strategic networking game plan, but has worked with me to be able to clearly communicate what my company offers and most importantly to customize my message depending on who I’m talking to.

The results of Stephanie’s strategies are immediate and measurable.

I am continually learning from her. Stephanie is insightful, caring, direct, helpful and smart. Her super-power is connecting people and teaching networking skills.

Reach Your Target Market.

I have known and worked with Stephanie in several capacities for about 5 years. She has a heart for helping others and goes the extra mile.

She’s very skilled at helping others fine tune their target market, find the best networking opportunities and set realistic, yet challenging goals.

What sets her apart is her one-to-one skills.

She will go with you to your initial networking events to see how she can be of the best support and help you become that professional networker that others come to for resources as well.

Build Relationships.

I learned through Stephanie that it’s not about always having to be ‘on.’

Really, it’s about relationships and just making connections.

Streamline Your Strategy.

She was able to understand who my potential customers are, what my products are, and how I can make those connections.

Get to the Next Level.

Stephanie is a rock for any business that’s searching for a toehold. She offers spot-on advice coupled with “let’s get this done” strategies that have made a dramatic difference for my business.

Stephanie has a talent and zest for what she does — and the contagion effect is powerful. Her ability to quickly brainstorm and land on insightful solutions has cleared a path for me through what was a murky forest. And her never-ending enthusiasm has inspired me to keep following my dreams.

In short, Stephanie is ridiculously good at what she does.

For any business owner who’s ready to go to the next level, Stephanie is an indispensable partner.

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Stephanie Arnheim

Portland, Oregon

Have a question or want to explore the possibilities of working together? Let's connect! I usually respond within 24 hours.

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