The Power of Connection

You’ve gone to networking events. You’ve passed out business cards. You’ve collected contact information. And the next day you’ve waded through the stacks of names, job titles, and phone numbers and realized that you don’t remember why you wanted to contact any of these people.

Maybe you don’t get what they actually do at their job. Or what they do doesn’t interest you or doesn’t relate to your goals.

Or maybe there’s someone you think you should contact but don’t want to because you just didn’t click. You’re not looking forward to meeting them for coffee, much less doing business with them.

So instead of reaching out, you find yourself thinking about all the time you wasted.

There’s a different way. The Power of Connection teaches you how to focus on the events, people, and goals you care about. You’ll learn how to create connections with people who engage and inspire you. And you’ll learn how to cultivate those connections to build something valuable together.

In six phone or video call sessions, you learn practical, individualized strategies you can use immediately to build a strong network that’s based on building on each other’s successes and helping each other achieve related goals.

This three-month private coaching program helps you build the relationships to grow a profitable referral-based business. Sessions are personalized specifically for your business or professional situation and will help you build your client base and establish a “power partner” network that brings new opportunities.

As a result of this program you will:

    • Gain confidence in your networking abilities
    • Refine your target market
    • Fine tune your elevator pitch
    • Clarify where to focus your networking efforts
    • Build key relationships

Included in this 3-month program:

    • Six focused hone or video call sessions (60 minutes each)
    • Skill Building assignments
    • Networking templates and tips
    • Constructive feedback
    • Accountability support

Wing Woman

Want to network but the thought of “flying solo” at a networking event terrifies you? Are you unsure where to go and what to do? Do you wonder how to make your way in to those interesting, fun conversations? Or how to get out of a conversation that’s turned uncomfortable?

What if you could be coached on the spot during a networking event?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know who you should connect with, what to say, and how to leverage your time based on who is actually in the room? 

There’s an easy solution! Let me be your Wing Woman.

Offered as a stand-alone program or an add-on to the Power of Connection, Wing Woman puts into action the steps you learned from the Power of Connection and accelerates your networking abilities with on-the-spot coaching.

This one-of-a-kind program provides live support and feedback to jumpstart your networking and your business.

First, Stephanie will select a networking event that fits your specific interests, comfort level, and goals. You’ll meet with her by phone or video call 1 or 2 weeks before the event for a coaching session that covers all the important preparation steps.

Next, Stephanie will accompany you to the event as your own dedicated wing woman. During the event, Stephanie will help guide conversations and identify key power partners and potential clients. Immediately following the event, Stephanie will lead you through a debriefing session that includes creating a personalized follow-up plan you can implement immediately.

A great way to learn how to effectively network alongside a networking expert.

As a result of this program you will learn how to:

    • Prepare for an effective networking event
    • Read the room effectively
    • Discern who is in the room that you need to meet
    • Use a practical and solid follow-up strategy

Included in this coaching package:

    • Important preparation prior to the event
    • Guidance during the event
    • Debriefing and follow-up strategy
    • Tips to track your connections

Want to Power Up Your Partnerships? Enroll in Wing Crew!

Do you have a business associate you would like to partner with to master your networking skills? Having that extra person with you can help build your confidence and help you learn new networking skills, too.

This program offers the same benefits as the Wing Woman program plus the extra accountability (and fun) of doing Wing Woman with a friend.

Speed Networking

    • Would your organization be more productive if your separate teams understood more about each other’s goals?
    • Would you like to help your teams craft, practice, and refine their elevator pitches?
    • Are you hoping your people will learn how to ask great questions, give great answers, and make profitable connections?
    • Do you want your group to make unexpected, serendipitous connections that produce tangible results?
    • Do you have limited conference time to devote to networking?
    • Would you like an activity that’s fun as well as useful?

Speed Networking is the perfect event for conferences, groups, or teams who want to connect quickly and efficiently.

Speed Networking is a powerful tool for quickly creating team bonds. No trust exercises. No ice-breaker games. No HR nightmares. Cut through the org chart with a well-planned, facilitated Speed Networking event customized for your group.

Other Services

Specialized corporate programs and Lunch and Learn presentations are available. 

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