Audrey Reel
Reel Life Coaching

When I changed my business model from a solo consulting firm to a multi-employee company, I needed help! Thanks to Stephanie’s mentoring, I’m learning to focus on networking for my company and not for myself. She clearly outlined a new networking routine and helped me make connections that have proved invaluable.
I love working with Stephanie. She is direct, astute and has a ‘no-nonsense’ attitude. I have found that every conversation with Stephanie results in actionable items that are simple yet effective.
Stephanie has not only helped me develop a strategic networking game plan, but has worked with me to be able to clearly communicate what my company offers and most importantly…to customize my message depending on who I’m talking to. The results of Stephanie’s strategies are immediate and measurable. I am continually learning from her.
Stephanie is insightful, caring, direct, helpful and smart. Her super-power is connecting people and teaching networking skills.

Carolyn Rowe
The Move Makers

Darina Neyret
Portrait Photographer

I have known and worked with Stephanie in several capacities for about 5 years. She has a heart for helping others and goes the extra mile. She is very skilled at helping others fine tune their target market, find the best networking opportunities and set realistic, yet challenging goals.
She is dedicated to helping you maximize your networking skills to reach your target market and beyond. What sets her apart is her one to one skills – she will go with you to your initial networking events to see how she can be of the best support and help you become that professional networker that others come to for resources as well.

Debbi Schmidt
The Juice Plus Company

Brighton West
Authentic West Films

Stephanie is a rock for any business that’s searching for a toehold. She offers spot-on advice coupled with let’s-get-this-done strategies that have made a dramatic difference for my business. Stephanie has a talent and zest for what she does – and the contagion effect is powerful. Her ability to quickly brainstorm and land on insightful solutions has cleared a path for me through what was a murky forest. And her never-ending enthusiasm has inspired me to keep following my dreams.
In short, Stephanie is ridiculously good at what she does. For any business owner who’s ready to go to the next level, Stephanie is an indispensable partner.

Elicia Putnam
Brand Genie